Why Pencil?

May 2022

Do people expect to see colour in art? Well for me graphite pencil has many colours, borrowed or reflected from nearby surfaces, light reflections. My pieces change their colour and mood as the light in a day is forever changing and that to me is quite simply beautiful. I see pencils in their simple beauty, they feel honest to me. Some people may think “dark work” has feelings of anger but I see its depth and beauty and I see myself as a happy person.

I like to push graphite to its furthest potential, to see what can be achieved with a simple 9B pencil. I do not only work on a flat piece of paper as I did in the beginning I now use pencil and other materials to push their boundaries. I simply love using my hands as a tool, just me and the pencil connects me to myself and my work. A paint brush would only distract and get in the way of this process and I'd loose the connection, the physical touch, that's why I choose the pencil, I love the simple purity it provides and the results are so beautiful.

Tracey Hayden Art